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Strategy for successful sports betting

Of course, there is no system that would provide you with 100% winnings. But there are some rules for a good betting strategy with which you have good chances for long-term and permanent gains!

Select the best odds

Basically, you can only achieve long term winnings when the odds are higher than the probability for the appropriate result to appear. Of course, one would think that the bookmaker would always take this into account and offer no “too high” odds. But we must not forget that the bookmakers are now stuck in a die-hard competition and sometimes compete with very attractive rates in order to attract new customers. If you succeed to filter things out in this “fight quota”, and put it into your bet, then you have a good chance to even beat the bookies on a regular basis! You have the best chances with the excessive rates.

Open bet accounts with several bookmakers

The more bookmakers you have to choose from, the greater the likelihood that you always qualify for the best odds is. When you select a tip, you compare betting odds before you place your bet – each percent of higher profit is crucial for the long-term winnings – you should not satisfy yourself with mediocre odds! A good base for a selection of your potential personal betting providers is available in our index or the bookmakers betting shop.
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Place your bets as soon as possible

If you have discovered a couple of particularly attractive betting odds, you should place your bets on those as soon as possible – you will not be the only one who has discovered this “deal”, and as soon as the bookmakers’ massive inserts get out and about, it is usually only a matter of time until the betting odds are due to be getting critically reduced. Of course, you ought to always apply the betting odds at the time of placing the bet, that is, if the betting odds are to be changed at a later date, that will have no impact on your already placed bets.

Experience has shown that especially Betfair and Bet365 often open their betting markets with numerous attractive betting odds – here, it is often worthwhile, as early as Monday, to take a closer look at the betting line that is on for the following weekend!

Tips and advice for successful football betting – Part 2

A good overview is thus required in order to keep the football odds and various online football betting bookmakers in check. Actually, the odds are already showing whatever the realistic chances are, but different aspects, such as the daily form and physical condition of a team, do not get counted with in the evaluation, so for successful football betting it is important to look exactly how realistic the final results might be, despite the odds themselves. Try, for several lots, to be calm and place a small, which can also mean a risky bet there, only the amount itself should rather consist of safe tips.

It finally comes to the actual loss of betting; then it is very important to keep a cool head, as hard as it may find this sometimes. Most would like to compensate for the loss with new applications again, but this is an attempt that usually backfires. Such bets made because of an emotion are usually poorly thought out, and never put the focus on high rates, which means acting rather unrealistically.

So if you want to successfully apply football betting, this should be set and done by medium and long term decisions. The only way to get to know accurately all the leagues, teams and players, is to develop a feel for successful betting. For what is often dismissed as a gut feeling can eventually be a very accurate assessment of the daily form of the team. You will get to perceive such feelings apparent only after a long time and should be careful to only use them sporadically.

Important for successful football betting is also the inclusion of the views of others. On the Internet, there are many sites with experts tips and analyses, alluding to different details of teams and players, at which one would thus not win easily. Therefore, no one should be feeling too bad, because the agreement and counseling with other bettors and experts can be a good, if not 100% certain, indication of a good football tip.

We recommend our betting tips section or the tip-side Wettdotinfo for daily soccer betting tips (for today)!

The more complicated a trick is, the less likely it is to be a trick: my betting strategy “makes” little trouble and a lot of money, and in terms of sports knowledge – you need as good as none. Are you listening to me carefully? Well, then read on …

The idea to sit (and wait) on the draw of a football bet is not new. It follows that, in the best case, a nice reward is to be expected, because the relevant rates are always high, and the news about it may have also spread. Now, here is the way to the permanent scoring of big fat sums, even for the uninitiated: look for any team coming out of nowhere, no matter which one.
Put this team for the next match again on draw. Do not give out too much, use a small stake, just enough is perfectly fine. If the match results in a draw, your bet amount has been tripled, on average.

If it is not, then make a note of this incident and describe it exactly. At the next game of the exact same (!) teams, close a bet again on a draw, with at least the same sum as a stake. If you succeed this time, you will receive a total of one-third more than you have set up, and you will have made 2 out of 3. If it does not work, then repeat the process when this team plays the next time around.

If you have at the third attempt the desired result, then you still will have got your money back so far, due to the high rate. But if you could not make it also this time, you have to increase the stake for the fourth attempt. Proceed doing so on and on, until it comes up to a draw. At the end, be the victor!

Tips and advice for successful football betting

Betting has always belonged to sports associations, and the huge area of football especially offers so many opportunities to put all your bets on your favorites or on underdogs. Hundreds of leagues, associations and teams allow the soccer betting game both in high and low classes, abroad and at major international tournaments. In no other sport is there as large a bandwidthas in football, that is a reason enough to elaborate on football betting and on what advice should be heeded when setting your quota.

Before it comes to the more detailed tips on football betting, you need to consider a few basic things you need in order to complete successfully at soccer betting. But as it is with other sports as well, also here the losses should always be scheduled with, and no one could become a millionaire overnight. Those who can incorporate all these aspects in their football betting, he should take into account also two important pieces of advice that should not be forgotten anyhow.

Especially when you have several games on a game day, it is inevitable, sometimes to choose the wrong tips and to make such decisions as to lose later. So it sounds strange at first, but that is also a quite successful soccer betting strategy. In the end, namely, the yield is at the bottom line, because a tip can always be a complete flop. Finally, it is the 22 men on the pitch who have yet the final say.

For successful soccer betting, the teams on which the money will be set have to be analyzed. Aspects such as chart place, current form and potential of the players must be taken into consideration. If a team has won more games in a row, then everything points out to a good (to very good) shape at present, and more difficult challenge for their opponents to play against. These are the same issues that apply to football odds.

If a top team is playing against a team of lower class, the odds for the underdog are high, but the chance of winning are low. Therefore, it is important to find a good middle ground, to use relatively high rates can, in which possibly the favorite does not win.